And learn how to connect in the modern world, in a modern way without compromising your values.

It’s common for texting to be the preferred method of communication among teenagers. At times, this can be frustrating for parents, but when you meet your teen where they are and recognize the value and opportunity that this style of communication offers, you will be able to connect them in new and empowering ways.

Teens tend to be reserved around their parents, which is why texting can be such a helpful tool for you to get comfortable with. You can invite your teenager…

Why children are more disrespectful than ever — it’s not what you think.

I have recently been inundated with a variety of articles stating that physicians report that children are more disrespectful than ever, adding that the reason for the recent behavioral changes are due to a lack of authoritative parenting. In their eyes, this lack of discipline is the culprit. The articles continue by noting that the behavior challenges are bringing parents to their wits end and American children are 90 times more likely to be put on a medication than children in Italy.

While I understand this perspective…

Do we ever give without the expectation of receiving something in return? Do we love unconditionally? Can we learn to give wholeheartedly, free of any expectation of a return?

Even the most conscious parents can find themselves creating mental and emotional wish lists for their children. While it’s often coming from a place of love, it’s also coming from a place of lack. Some parents tend to desire their children to either follow in their footsteps or to complete something the parent never fulfilled — and sometimes both. This can foster a stressful dynamic, even with the best of intentions…

Recent studies show that feelings of loneliness, anxiety, depression and suicide are all on the rise, especially for teenagers. The value of having this conversation is of central importance; in fact it is vital. We want to raise empowered, healthy and resilient children and despite all the resistance in the world, I want you to know that this is possible.

“Although some research does show that excessive and compulsive smartphone use is correlated with anxiety and depression, there is a lack of direct evidence that devices actually cause mental health problems,” says Tracy Dennis-Tiwary, a professor of psychology at Hunter…

Especially for young people and especially right now.

Creativity is as important as literacy says Sir Kenneth Robinson, a British author, speaker and international advisor on education in the arts to government, non-profits, education and arts bodies. Creativity often takes a backseat, sometimes as early as elementary school, to our current performance-based culture. As we watch art classes slashed in budget cuts, we are simultaneously watching anxiety levels rise to new heights among younger and younger children.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Maya Angelou

Intuitively, this makes sense as we are all…

Raise your consciousness to raise your child.

Parents want nothing more than a close connection with their children, but unfortunately this relationship is often riddled with tension and conflict, especially during the teen years. Many children grow up feeling disconnected, misunderstood and invalidated after arriving into this world whole and complete. Societal conditioning takes hold and unconscious patterns are programmed, often shutting down the joyful spirit that is our true nature. Parents have no intention of doing this, but the parenting they received as a young person still lives within them today.

Start by listening to your teen.

Raising a teenager in the modern world can feel overwhelming, stressful, frustrating, confusing and at times totally terrifying. In all seriousness, it takes an amazing amount of will, strength and alignment of the stars to bring a human into this world and guide them to self-sufficiency. And it’s no walk in the park for teens either. They often feel stuck between worlds, one where they are being treated like a child and another where they are being asked to act like an adult. …

This generation is in crisis and it’s unfolding right before our eyes.

Adolescence itself is still a relatively new concept (developed around the Civil War era) and many studies show that infantilizing this age group winds up preventing the natural progression of maturation. In the end, this attitude holds teens back from the very traits parents desire in their children. Parents want to raise empowered, resilient and self-reliant children, but societal conditioning takes hold and unconscious patterns are programmed, creating tension and conflict within the parent and child dynamic. …

Dina Leygerman shares in a recent article about a classroom experiment she conducted where she became a dictator:

“By day two of the simulation, the students were contacting members of administration, writing letters, and creating protest posters. They were organizing against me and against the admin. They were stomping the hallways, refusing to do as they were told. Teenagers will save us.

I am grateful for this view on adolescents since mainstream society depicts teenagers as self-centered, entitled and “too sensitive”. What I have observed during my time with families is that this is a group of brave young people…

There’s a new wave of meaningful parenting and you’re invited. Actually, you are needed.

Parents and children alike are experiencing more stress and uncertainty than ever before and it’s hard to know where to turn and it can be even harder to find the time. When our teens are struggling, it puts our whole world in conflict. Today more than ever our kids have to wrestle with life’s injustice, drag themselves through an outdated education system and stretch to find their identity in a sea of trends and digital connection.

Stress is impacting every family. An increasing level of uncertainty…

Kirsten Cobabe

Family Coach supporting parents and teenagers throughout the waves of adolescence.

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